How can I apply for a property you have listed?

You can visit the Property Mangement tab of our website to download the forms & return via email, fax or in person at our office.
Alternatively, you can apply on1form (an online application system) via the link in the property description of the listing or via the listing of the property.

How long is the application process?

Once we receive all the requested documentation relating to your application, it usually takes between 24 & 48 hours to process your application. Dependant on the availability & response times of your employers, landlords & personal references this process can take a little longer if we cannot reach them.

What are the usual lease terms?

At MiCasa we like to start all tenancies off with a 3 to 6 month lease period (preferably 6 months). After 3 months as we begin our lease renewal process, if all parties are happy you will be offered a further 6 or 12 months dependant on the owners offer of renewal. If you would prefer a lease term different to those described above please speak to a MiCasa property manager to discuss your options.

You can find a copy of a standard General Tenancy Agreement + REIQ Special Terms on the Applications for Tenancy Page of our website which outlines the standard requirements of renting a property with MiCasa. We have also listed a range of policies MiCasa employs during a tenancy to help outline both the tenant/s & agents obligations to the property and each other.

What are the moving in costs?

Once approved for a property, we will request the equivalent to one (1) weeks rent to secure the property. This amount is payable within 24 hours of notification of your successful application. Once in receipt of this, the listing is removed from the availability list & is held in trust until the handover of the property. This amount is then allocated to your first week's rent at the property.
Prior to the handover of the property, we require your bond (equivalent to four (4) weeks rent) & rent advance (equivalent to two (2) weeks rent) to be paid into the Statutory Trust Account.

Who decides if my application is approved or declined?

At MiCasa, all applications are processed to the same standards to ensure that all applicants are on an equal playing field. Once all applications are compiled each is presented to the owner for their final decision on the desired tenant.

How to Calculate Monthly Rent

Your monthly rent payments IS NOT your weekly amount multiplied by 4 (Oh how we wish it was that easy!) .
The reason being that each month is not the same in length ie. number of days & number of weeks.

To calculate how much rent you need to pay each month, please use the following calculation:

Weekly rent divided by 7 days in week = daily rate of rent
Daily rate of rent multiplied by 365 days in year = yearly rent
Yearly Rent divided by 12 months in a year = Monthly Rent

Voila! Your Monthly rental amount.

By paying your weekly rent multiplied by 4 it equates to 28 days of rent.

We all know the saying,
Thirty days has September, April, June and so on…

Immediately you can see that a payment of 28 days means a shortfall for all those months & we haven ’t even started on those with 31 days!

Effectively Paid To & Part Payments Explained

Another point of confusion for some tenants has been what the paid to dates & effectively paid to dates mean.

These two dates are shown on both your weekly receipts & your rental ledger.

The difference between the two is you're paid to date refers to a weekly period based on the start date of the agreement whilst the effective paid to date is the day in which you are required to make your next payment.

Why the difference?

You pay your first weeks rent on Wednesday 14th March 2018 when you get the keys to your brand new home! Yay!

This payment pays you from Wednesday 14/03/2018 – Tuesday 20/03/2018.

You're paid to date will always be a weekly period from Wednesday through to Tuesday (7 day period).

You do however get a bonus in your pay that Thursday for being such a superstar worker & decide you want to pay forward your rent to keep ahead.

On Friday you head into the bank to deposit an additional amount equivalent to half your week ’s rent, this pays you up until the Friday 23/03/2018. This is your effective paid to date.

You're paid to date is still the period 14/03/2018 — 20/03/2018 as your bonus payment did not pay for a full weeks rent.
As there is a difference between your effective paid-to-date & paid to date, the amount of rent paid is shown as a part-payment.

You're paid to date is the period 14/03/2018 — 20/03/2018.
Your rent is effectively paid to Friday 23/03/2018.
Your part-payment is the bonus amount you deposited on Friday.

On your receipt & ledger, the amount of your bonus payment will be shown as a part payment as it has paid for part of your rent for the next rental period.