Talk to Brett Raguse about the suitability of a 'Sale by Auction' for your property and if suitable you will be professionally guided through the process of 'Auction'.

Brett is also available to run 'Auctions' for any Real Estate Agency that is looking for an experienced professional to manage their 'Auction' process.

A ‘Sale by Auction’ is a unique method for selling ‘Real Property’, but more importantly it is a precise marketing tool that can create interest, intrigue, determination and desire amongst purchasers of Real Estate, while at the same time providing the Seller (Vendor) a timeliness and an organised strategy for bringing a property to ‘Market’.
When Real Estate Agents mention Auction, some people feel anxiety or nervousness over the running of an Auction, but at ‘MiCasa Realty’ we specialise in making the ‘Sale by Auction’ process uncomplicated and non-stressful for both the Vendors and the Buyers.
The ‘Sale by Auction’ process is one of the oldest and most respected methods of selling goods and ‘real property’.
In Australia the different State jurisdictions have variations on how Auctions should be organised and regulated, however the resulting ‘competitive buying’ environment is created wherever you attend an Auction in Australia.
The Auction process has evolved from the natural tendency, even instinct, that people have for competition and compels buyers to compete when trying to purchase the property of their choice, thus ensuring that the best price will be achieved at a particular time and place.
Property Auctions have evolved over time with the wisdom and experience gained by not only Real Estate Agencies, but also from both Sellers and Buyers and has ensured that an Auction can adapt to any of the changing circumstances around the offering of ‘Real Property’ to the Market.
Today’s Auctions are as popular as ever, when considering a method of bringing property to the Market in a managed and controlled environment, by vigorously opening up the ‘negotiation of price’ by the process of ‘active price offers’ in the form of a ‘Bid’, usually in a public forum.
While Auctions can accommodate any property sale, it is ultimately a decision by a Vendor whether Auction suits their particular time frame or desire for controlled time period towards a ‘quicker sale’.
Auction is a powerful and all-encompassing method of Sale which involves every element of the property Sales process from a ‘Listing Strategy’ and method of ‘Property Marketing’ to a ‘Negotiation Strategy’.



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